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Home security: Close-up of electric gates2018-03-23 04:28:05

The security of your home starts with the security of your gate. Indeed, it is the first barrier that protects your home from intrusions. With an electric model, you are invited to combine safety and convenience.


About the automatic portal

An "electric" gate is one equipped with a home automation rf remote control system that facilitates the movement of the opening parts. It offers a comfort of use since its opening does not require any physical effort. It can be carried out by remote control, a radio signal or the insertion of a code on a remote keyboard, idem for its closing. Thanks to this, you can open the gate without getting out of the car. But also, you can let your guests in without moving. In general, there are two types of automatic gates: swing or sliding. The first is mainly adopted for a quick opening while the second is often chosen for aesthetic reasons. This type of gate can be made with wood, aluminium, PVC or wrought iron materials. In addition to the practical side, the use of home automation can be extended to security shutters. Indeed, several models are now offered with security options such as integrated alarm, access control, etc..



How to choose the gate operator?

The motorisation of your electric gate must be chosen according to certain criteria such as space, aesthetics, etc. If you opt for discretion, it's better to opt for the integrated or underground motorization. In both cases, the automation rf remote system is invisible. On the other hand, if you wish to adapt the domotisation to your old gate, you will have to choose the arm motorisation. Thanks to this, you are not obliged to buy another portal. However, the actuator with cylinder or ground rail is especially recommended for gates of large sizes or made with fairly heavy materials. Moreover, the rack-and-pinion drive is a good option when you want a sliding gate, but installing the rail is very difficult and must be done by a professional, as is recommended for other systems. 
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